Lazy Summer Holidays?? No, thanks!!

kids fitness

Leisure Opportunities have reported there is new research to suggest lazy summer holidays are leading to a significant drop-off in schoolchildren’s fitness levels and hampering efforts to reverse the UK’s physical inactivity epidemic.

The study was carried out by the ukactive Research Institute.  Findings show British schoolchildren are losing 80 per cent of fitness gained during term time due to sedentary school holidays. More than 400 children taking part and were found to experience a significant drop-off in their fitness levels post-summer break, as well as a marked increase in BMI.

“The research we are presenting shows for the first time that the inactivity problem in the UK stems from an inactive summer time,” said ukactive research director and lead author Dr Steven Mann.

“Schools and activity providers are doing a fantastic job to increase fitness levels during term time, but the evidence shows that we need to focus our efforts on ensuring that the summer months are active months for all children.”

Further research from ukactive has highlighted how excessive screen time on computers, TVs and iPads is one of the biggest causes of sedentary behaviour among children during school holidays.

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