Radical Reform for Physical Education

pe-teacher-with-studentsAn All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood have published a wide-ranging report and radical recommendations after finding that PE “commands a fear factor for too many children and teachers alike” – with practitioners partly to blame, reports Leisure Opportunities.

The article states the 51-page report calls for an overhauled system of education for PE teachers and research to compare practice of PE across the UK to aid the standardisation process, and implement a policy which will see an increase in the number of specialist PE teachers within state primary schools.

Methods of measuring impact should additionally be altered, said the APPG, which recommends the “review, revision and update” of Ofsted requirements for the delivery of PE from early years through to secondary schools, with physical literacy models of assessment.

The group hopes their report and recommendations “will mark a new start for PE and that they will prompt a serious review of the way it is taught so that all children can participate and experience the lifelong benefits to health.”