INNOV8 SPORTZ CIC aims to create links between Communities and Companies to make sports and physical activity more accessible within the community.  We intend to combat inactivity by increasing satisfaction and accessibility for participants. We deliver a variety of sessions identified during regular consultations with adults in our community. We also aim to deliver these sessions at the most convenient time for adults.

Recreational Sports

Recreational physical activities, such as team sports and solo sports, available in your local area.

Community Events

Community events for adults and their children to participate in physical activity together. This encourages physical activity across generations and promotes a family focus on healthy lifestyles, together with strengthening family bonds.

Work Place Physical Activity

These sessions, held either in the workplace or a  nearby location, offer adults physical activity to break up their long days sat in the office in a sedentary position.  There is potential to create lunchtime leagues, where teams from other business can come together to play friendly matches, or for businesses to create a session tailored to their employees’ needs.

For more information about the services we offer adults in our community please contact Harry at: