Behaviour Contract – Here’s the Deal… – Hungerford Primary

Please download our Behaviour Contract:

Here’s the Deal – Behaviour Contract

We feel the introduction of a “behaviour contract” helps the children better understand our expectations of them and what they can expect from us in return.  We worked with a group of children to get their input and opinions and together we devised the attached document. We would be grateful if you could read this through with your child(ren), ask each child to write their name on a copy to show they agree to the “deal” and return these to us.

Please let us know if you would like a hard copy. Also, if you want to talk about this with someone from Innov8 Sportz, please contact Jan at who will be happy to hear your views.

Children’s Comments:
“I would sign this because I do it all the time.”
“Team Captains can help other children.”
“We should have a board with the contract on so people can look at the rules.”