Sports Activities

Breakfast Club

The aim of our breakfast clubs is to provide participants with a fun and healthy way to start their day and have them ready to learn in school. We play a variety of different games that encourage teamwork, develop fundamental skills and social interaction. At the end of the session we aim to have all our participants wide awake and ready to learn.

Afterschool Club

We currently run a variety of after school clubs that encompass every sport we do. We can provide sport specific clubs such as football and tag rugby or multi-sport and alternative sport clubs. The clubs focus on both the development of fundamental skills and techniques whilst also providing a fun and safe environment for the participants to play and have fun.

Primary School PPA

Innov8 Sportz C.IC also provides an extensive Primary School PPA service. We can coach any sport that we offer within the PPA time. These sessions will be run according to national curriculum and will be both fun and challenging and hopefully will encourage the participation in sport of the school children.

Pre-School Multi-Skills

We also can provide Pre-Schools with multi-skills sessions. These sessions aim to develop the fundamental movements and skills of the participants whilst also encouraging teamwork and social interaction. Our main aim in these sessions is to provide the participants with a brilliant sporting start and have plenty of fun doing so!

Secondary Schools

We can also provide coaching sessions in secondary schools. This service is mainly used to encourage the participation of students that tend to drop out of sport when they hit secondary school. We can provide a variety of mainstream and alternative sports to encourage participants to get involved in sport. These sessions can be provided in school time or after school.

Drop-In Sessions

Our drop-in sessions are mainly aimed at 16+ age range and getting them playing sport. We can provide these sessions in a variety of sports. The benefit of these sessions is that they are casual and fun providing anyone with the opportunity to participate in sport.


As with our age related provisions, we have a variety of coaching styles and aims depending on the age group being coached. This can be learning and developing the basic fundamental skills of football such as passing, ball manipulation and basic teamwork skills at an early age, and then on to developing tactical knowledge, spatial awareness and furthering the participants’ technique. What we coach is determined by the group, this could be a fun session for children who want to play, coaching a team, or putting on a football ‘pay and play’ session for adults.


Starting with young children the game will be slowly introduced to participants and they would learn the basic techniques through fun and games. This can be learning how to dribble, pass and shoot. As participants get older they will then begin to develop the basic skills they hopefully have already learnt. On top of this they will learn other basketball techniques and game play such as fast breaks and the fundamentals of defense and offense. With adults we hope to be able to provide them with the opportunity to play the game and set their own objectives and targets.


Tchoukball is an exciting new sport which Innov8 Sportz C.I.C is proud to pioneer in the local area. The sport is very adaptable so we feel confident in coaching it to a variety of participant age groups. Again we will coach the fundamentals such as throwing and catching before moving into game play and developing techniques. Teamwork is an essential part of the game so this will be encouraged and developed throughout. For older participants we will provide them with the opportunity to play the game and develop through that.

 Mini Tennis

 Our mini-tennis sessions will help provide participants with the basic skills required to play tennis. This can be developing fundamentals such as hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching and basic racket skills. As they progress they will develop skills such as serving, variety of shots and positioning. We hope in playing mini-tennis the participants will learn the basic skills to move on and play tennis.



At a young age participants will learn the basic cricket techniques and skills. This can be learning how to bowl, throw, catch, field and fundamental batting skills. As the participants get older and develop they will continue to develop cricketing techniques such as pace and spin bowling and shot selection. We hope to provide a perfect platform for young people to get into the sport.

Tag Rugby

For younger participants we will coach them the basic fundamentals involved in the sport of tag rugby. This would be developing basic throwing, catching and handling skills. As the participants progress they will learn and develop more rugby techniques such as passing and tactical awareness. Through the participation in tag rugby we hope to provide individuals with a desire and want to move on to playing contact rugby taking with them the necessary skills they will have learnt playing tag rugby.


Futsal is indoor 5-a-side football which is a fun and exciting version of association football. We aim to provide plenty of opportunities for people to get back involved in playing sport and football in particular and believe that futsal is the perfect way to do this. For younger participants we aim to introduce the game as it will benefit and develop their technique such as passing and dribbling within a fun game play environment.


Through Uni-hoc we hope to provide participants with the basic fundamental skills necessary for playing hockey. The uni-hoc equipment we provide is perfectly suitable for younger participants and should allow them to learn basic skills such as passing and dribbling. As the participants progress they will develop techniques such as shooting and tactical and spatial awareness.


Dodgeball is a great and extremely fun game to develop participants’ fundamental movement skills. Through dodgeball participants will develop their throwing, catching and dodging skills. This can all be learnt with fun games that will encourage the participation in the sport. For older participants we can also provide a fun and competitive environment for them to participate in the game.


Kwick Cricket is a great and fun way to get younger participants playing and involved in cricket. The game is fast and easily accessible using all the essential skills needed to play cricket within a safe and enjoyable environment.


Through playing handball we believe younger participants can learn vital fundamental skills such as passing, receiving and shooting. As they progress they can develop their techniques further whilst learning game play tactics such as zonal marking and split defence. The sport is an ideal game to get older participants back into playing especially on the back of the London 2012 success.

 Ultimate frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively new sport that is great fun whilst allowing participants to develop many essential fundamental skills. For younger participants this can be learning how to throw and catch the Frisbee before going on to develop game play skills. For older participants the game can be a great way to get back into sport by trying something different.


For participants of all ages volleyball is a fun alternative sport and a great way to develop fundamental skills and movements. Younger participants will start by learning the basic skills necessary such as passing and shooting before moving on to specific techniques such as dig, set and spike and also learning and developing the tactical elements of the game through team play and defensive play.


We believe Go-Fence is an ideal and fun way for participants to be introduced into the sport of fencing. Through the sport the participants will learn and develop all of the basic fundamentals of fencing such as the on-guard position, how to attack and defend. We believe that Go-Fence will help to encourage participation in metal fencing.


Through our multi-skills sessions we can develop the basic fundamentals of movements for all participants. Through fun and challenging games we aim to develop skills such as running, jumping, hopping- any movements and skills you can think of. These multi-skills sessions are the perfect way for participants to learn and develop the skills which will be the fundamentals of any sport they wish to play.


In our athletics sessions we aim to provide a fun and safe environment for participants to develop and participate in various athletics events. For younger inexperienced participants this can be introducing them to the world of athletics and allowing them to try as many events as possible. They can then move on to developing the fundamentals and specific techniques of particular events and we also like to put on an Olympic style challenge event for all our participants to add in a fun competitive element.For more experienced participants we can provide a safe and fun setting for them to participate in a variety of athletics events and to continue their athletic development.


Innov8 Sportz aims to provide participants with a fun and safe environment for them to learn develop and play Netball. For beginners this can be developing the basic fundamentals such as passing and receiving before progressing on to tactical play and positioning. For more advanced players we aim to provide an environment for them to continue to develop and continue playing the sport.

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