Young Adults Physical Activities

 Innov8 Sportz CIC is passionate about the importance of purposeful and impactful physical activity delivery that focuses on engagement through enjoyment. Innov8 Sportz CIC understands the importance of inspiring young adults to have a positive lifelong relationship with physical activity and display the impact a healthy lifestyle can have on their physical and mental wellbeing.

Tackling Inactivity in Colleges and Further Educational Establishments

We provide a consultation and delivery service for Colleges and FE establishments to enhance their student’s engagement with regular physical activity, the aim is to provide all students with regular physical activity sessions that are impactful, enjoyable and purposeful, leading to a better understanding of the importance of regular physical activity and the effects it has on your physical and mental wellbeing. Colleges have a vital role to play in turning the tide of inactivity and this must start with more opportunities for students to be more active, more often.

Developing Youth Coaches and Youth Employability Skills

Innov8 Sportz CIC is always looking to support the “coaches of the future”. We do this through facilitating young leader qualifications, supporting school works experience, providing individualised coach development and employing apprentices to work with the organisation.

Recreational Sports and Physical Activity Delivery

Innov8 Sportz CIC provides the community with many opportunities to participate in organised physical activity. This could be a session with a specific sporting focus such as football or basketball, or a physical activity session such as a running club or keep-fit session. We are always looking for more opportunities to hold more sessions, so if you have a group of mates that want to be active together then contact us now, so we can support you to be more active, more often.

For more information about the services we offer young adults in our community please contact Terry at: