Our Members

If you like what Innov8 Sportz stands for, want to see sport and physical activity being provided and promoted in your community and think you could help to make a difference we would like to encourage you to become a member of our Community Interest Company!

A community interest company (CIC) is a limited liability company created with the specific aim of providing benefit to a community. It is a relatively new legal structure, designed to meet the needs of social enterprises and ‘not-for-profit’ projects, which combine the pursuit of a social purpose with commercial activities.

As a member you will  have the right to do the following things:
–       attend and vote at general meetings;
–       receive our annual accounts;
–       elect our directors;
–       approve regulations put in place by the directors;
–       vote on any fundamental changes to the nature of the CIC, its name, its purposes, its policies or what happens to its surplus income.

Members are not liable for any debts of Innov8 Sportz CIC, nor are they liable if someone brings a legal case against Innov8 Sportz CIC.

You should know, if Innov8 Sportz CIC were to be wound up (if, for example, it cannot pay its debts) every member has to pay £1 to Innov8 Sportz CIC.

Contact us at info@innov8sportzcic@gmail.com for more information about becoming a member.

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