Secondary Schools

Innov8 Sportz CIC is passionate about engaging young people in physical activity so they develop important, life-long skills, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity.

PE Lessons

Innov8 Sports provides a Physical Education curriculum for secondary schools, offering sports-specific development and tailored drills and activities to enhance technical and tactical abilities and awareness. We create a fun and engaging environment within which young people can develop their skills.

Teacher CPD

Coaches and teachers work side by side to develop the teacher’s knowledge and experience in specific sports’ session delivery.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Innov8 Sportz CIC currently offers after school clubs for secondary schools in a wide range of sports.

Lunchtime Activities

Innov8 Sportz CIC provides a relaxed atmosphere for young people to engage in physical activities during their lunchtime. These sessions offer a valuable opportunity to get active and help to improve student’s confidence away from the pressure of a more structured session.

Youth Club Delivery

Innov8 Sportz have CIC offers physical activities in a relaxed environment, providing an introduction to some alternative sports and activities participants may not already know and may never have taken part in before.

Recreational Sports and Physical Activity

Innov8 Sportz CIC provides the community with many opportunities to participate in organised physical activity. This could be a session with a specific sporting focus such as football or basketball, or a physical activity session such as a running club or keep-fit session.

Young Leaders Development

Innov8 Sportz CIC is always looking to support the “coaches of the future”. We currently do this through facilitating young leader development qualifications (in and around the Marlborough area), supporting school work experience, providing individualised coach development and employing apprentices to work with the organisation.